Briefing Om the bija mantra(Seed Syllable)


A mantra is not a prayer nor a religious hymn, but a technique by which one can increase one’s own energy. It is a method of psychosomatic healing. Whether or not one understand the Sanskrit terms is not so important, the sounds will have the desired effect. Certain ‘Seed’ syllables have within them the power to effect nerves and glands, and these seeds can be planted deep within the psyche by repetition, for the assistance of growth. Mantra yoga is an entire form of yoga, based on SOUND THERAPY. Nada yoga (Sound Therapy) –yoga is a state of mind well balanced, harmonic, union of everything (body, mind, soul). To reach this state, there are different yogic paths. Nada yoga is one of the paths. In Nada yoga, worshipping the sound as cosmic sound. Before the creation of universe, this sound existed. This sound has 3 syllables, Alpha, Beta, Omega or creation, existing and destruction. AUM (Om) - A is alpha, U is beta and M is omega. Holy bible says. “In the beginning was the word and the word was with the God and God was with the man.” All religions have the same sound, Amen, Ameen, Shalom. Here we are taking Indian Classical Music notation to meditate, the way that our experts designed this programme which will provide you total mental peace, opening of the Chakras, energy channels and immense happiness through one pointedness (Ekagratha) . This programme is ideal for Singers, Musicians, IT Professionals, people who face stress in daily life.

NADA YOGA (Sound Therapy)

5 day programme (4 Days 5 Nights)

Total Package Expense : USD 300

 Sound is a wave which has its own vibration. By now, it has been mentioned that the action that generates vibrations will generate colours also, or colour is inherent (dormant) on vibration. There is a close relation between colour, light, express (thought) and sound due to the fact that all the four aspects vibrate, and vibrations have waves. All the four can be measured by different methods. Their effects continuously go on changing due to constant changes.

Alphabets are carved out of sound, words from alphabets, and sentences from word—and from here onwards starts wide field of Phonology (science of sound) or Phonetics. Sound is regarded as an energy in science and in school and colleges, sound is taught under Physics through various chapters. Presently, telephones, films, televisions etc., are based on laws of sound. Music owes its origin to sound. There are seven gamut (musical notes or scales) or tunes, out of which various musical notes and modified versions thereof can have been composed. Music is a celestial world—there being hardly any person in the universe, who is averse to music. In my opinion, if any persons does not like music, then you must conclude that the person is suffering from ill mental health. Seven musical sounds are used in seven modified musical tunes/tones whereas in some of them only five gamuts are used. Music has its wide spread history and every musical note casts different effects.

Every musical tune ( Raaga) has its our specific peculiarity. For instance, 'Bhairav Raaga' is recited early in the morning. Its impact is so great that a blind one comes to know advent of morning time. It is said that when Tansen recited/sang 'Deepak Raaga', lamps use to lighten. That is 'Bhairav Raaga' spreads coolness whereas 'Deepak Raaga' generates heat. An unseasonal rain can be caused by singing 'Malhaar Raaga'. 'Maalkosha Raaga' is sung with the help of five Raagas only, which generates attachment and love. It dispels bad effects of 'Raaga Vair'. It is a well known fact about Lord Mahavir as mentioned in Jain scriptures, all his discourses were delivered in 'Maalkosh Raaga' only and all men, animals and species, whoever reached near him, lost the sense of sectral animosity, so much so that even trees, plants and creepers used to get so much impressed by his sermons that all of whom use to express their feelings. There was no feeling of enmity between hen and deer, even if they lived together.

Sound waves and vibrations is the only source by which a person can convert even an 'impossibility' into possibility. The more the forceful voice of a person, the more sparkling and sharp will be the colour of his vibrations. Hence, such a person can hypnotise anybody anywhere. It was famous about Hitler that due to his forceful and effective voice, he could hypnotise his Generals so much so that they obeyed, without any resistance, the command of Hitler, with his forceful and effective voice. Hitler got such jobs done from his Generals which have not yet been repeated anyone else.

In our own country, there are good orators. All the political leaders are good orators, that is why crowds throng madly to listen to their oratory. Quite often we can make out whether a person is an idiot or intelligent, simply by sheer listening to the style of his deliverance of speech this is how we distinguish between buffoonery and intelligence. That is to say that a person is through his voice, and this voice is, in fact, a vibration, from colour emanates. Fascination to sound is generated by combined effect of word, time and colour. Similarly, it has been observed certain times are played in music over which mind gets concentrated, physical and mental health attained. Feelings/Effects pertaining to devotion, bravery and libido etc., can be created by music.

Actually, music generates our feelings which are named accordingly. But, the question why such feelings take place? We will observe that feelings emanate from our mind as colours emanate from vibrations from sound of music. It has been observed that when, the spirits of forces drip in a state of depression, their patriotic feelings can be aroused and depression dispelled with a soap, by playing patriotic musical tunes. All songs and poem relating to variant feelings are full of red which is indicative of bravery whereas devotional feelings are engrossed with blue colour.

Not only human beings but even animals, birds, and vegetations are affected by music. Experiments have revealed that ' Maalkosh' music is displayed in the presence of milk yielding animals, they will start yielding more milk. Similarly, plants and trees quickly bearing flowers and fruits. Flute has a melodious tone. If nice and melodious tune is played on the flute, the deers started dancing with joy, and will roll on the ground with joy if the tune is more melodious— such experience have been done in my presence many a time. Professional snakecharmer's flute's musical vibrations so charming that the snakes, fully foregetting the jear of death, come out of the holes and start dancing with mirth. You will be surprised to know that snakes do not have ears. Hence can not hear but the waves (musical) emerging out of flute make them ravel with delight.

In certain nursing homes, musical tunes are played at the time of operation. During the course of operation, patient is kept conscious, by anaesthising the organ where operation is to be performed. Since the patient remains conscious, and may not experience any mental agony (pain), a tune is played so that he may get mental peace, thus forgetting the pain arising out of operation.

Actually tunes create such colours that impart feeling of purity and freshness. Even Physics concedes that sound is colourful. Seven gamuts of music consist of variable colours which, in turn, affect body and mind of the patient, thereby helping him to get rid of disease. Dr. Quewan Amber has referred to a sound gadget which is named as 'Orotone' out of which seven musical gamuts (which are of various colours) emerge. From the musical note 'C' emanates red colour, from 'E yellow colour and from 'Gt blue colour. When a patient needs a particular colour, the needed specific musical tune is displayed for him—such a device has shown fruitful results. Knowledge relating to colour therapy, though fascinating, is still a little known discipline. A lot more still needs to be done in the field of sound therapy.

After knowing about sound, it is necessary to mention about emulates (Mantras) which were composed by Indian ascetics, saints, yoga teachers and other teachers to pacify the planets, for sacred fire, worship etc. These emulates were capable of expressing even the lengthy concepts in a condensed form, in their own intrinsic way. All the emulates were designed on the basis of colours. For instance, blue light will spread upto about 2% metres by mere chanting of the word hence correct chanting of mantras gives rise to sparkling and strong colours. The method of curing diseases through mantras is an age-old tradition in India, as mantras are formed out of specific words which consist of condensed words, which have their own effects individually. Words are pronounced with varied sounds which are controlled by concentration of mind. Sound produces minute vibrations within which colours be dormant, and those are the very colours which affect body and mind of a person, thus removing his ailment.

Daily Programme
Vegetarian food and accommodation will be provided.One live Performance of Kathakali will be provided.

The program is all year around