Yoga Mentor course (Instructor, Teacher, 28 days)

A program for 28 days , includes training of Asanas, Theory, Practice including how to teach the beginners done under the supervision of experience teachers and advance Yoga program  is given. Meditation, Ayurvedic detox massage ( with basic class of massage therapy), Pranayama mudras, Nada Yoga(Mantra Yoga, Sound Therapy), cookery class, 3 different live programmes of performing art, Kathakali, Kalaripayattu (Maritial art) and Indian classical music weekend beach visit , final week of the course a rain forest trekking is arranged. Kindly check the available dates of this program, Contact us for courses. For the program regarding this kindly check in advance.

Our yoga instructors are:

Lali - Organising these programs, 3years studied for aesthetics, yoga and oriental religions. In Narayana Gurukula, Somanahalli, Banglore South. Graduated from M G University, Pathanjali International Yoga, Meditation, Naturopathy. worked with Gurukulas, Asramas, various organizations for last 30 years conducting classes for Yoga Meditation Naturopathy. Traveled in India, middle east and Europe. Now lives in Fort kochi with family. 

Anitha - A women Yoga Instructor, Pathanjali Yoga institute product. Teaches Yoga for the last 8 years, lives with family in Fort kochi 

Guest Teacher - Yoga Master   Abhiram Chaithanya.

Abiram Chaithanya - 12 years study in Vedanta and Brahma vidya. In Narayana Gurukula, Somanahalli, Banglore South. Qualified  from Sivantha Yoga Asram. Doing his own organization Sanathana for last 30 Years also instructor in Narayana Gurukula Banglore. Studied here for 12 years yoga vedananta and brahmavidhya.

 Teaching Yoga for the last 25 Years, Shivanda Yoga product.

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