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Our all program is given with theory (Printed Section)

Intense detox program (7 days )

Total Package Cost $350/-

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Kalari and Yoga Programme (30 Days)

Total Package Cost USD 1200/-

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Intense detox program (15 days )

Total Package Cost USD 600/-

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Natya Yoga Programme (7 Days)

Total Package Expense : USD 350
Early bird price : USD 300

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Welcome to Kochi, Queen of Arabian Sea

Welcome to yoga maithri

In this fast paced life, we often miss out on the joy of living. More and more people, are clinically stressed, have various lifestyle illnesses, are dissatisfied and even depressed.Yoga Maithri Lali, is an invitation to radiate health and joy in all facets of your life. The yoga classes have benefited a large number of people with successful respite from various ailments such as Diabetes, Asthma, Blood Pressure, Headache, Backache, Obesity, Spondylosis, Thyroid diseases, Sexual problems, Menstrual and Pregnancy related problems and Psychological problems such as Stress and Depression.

Yoga is a not a religion, a political...

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yoga maithri lali

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